Judge Sides AGAINST Donald Trump – A Major Ruling!

Judge Grants Letitia James a Win in Trump Case

Judge Grants Letitia James a Win With Latest Trump Case Ruling

(ConservativeHub.com) – New York Attorney General Letitia James began a legal fight against former President Donald Trump in September. Her accusations of financial fraud and persistence in halting Trump from doing business in the state received validation on November 3, when a court granted an injunction that will hinder the operations of the Trump Organization.

The Original Court Filing

On September 21, James filed a civil lawsuit against Trump, his organization, and senior management at the group, alleging financial fraud. She said he and members of his organization falsified documents to obtain insurance coverage at prime limits and premiums. The company allegedly exaggerated its net worth by overstating the financial values of certain holdings.

An Additional Request

On October 13, James took another step in the case when she sought a preliminary injunction to prevent Trump and his organization from continuing activities related to the alleged fraud. The attorney general asked for a requirement of court approval for any transfer of assets, the assignment of an independent monitor to watch over the organization, and additional financial disclosure requirements for insurance or funding applications.

The filing claimed the defendants had continued illegal actions noted in the original lawsuit, meaning oversight to prevent them from trying to evade the charges or continue to defraud institutions was necessary. It also revealed the incorporation of the Trump Organization II in Delaware on the same day of the case filing, which the attorney general saw as a concerning move to avoid prosecution.

The Injunction Ruling

On November 3, New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron ruled in favor of the preliminary injunction. He ordered Trump to pay for an independent monitor to oversee all asset transfers and set up additional requirements for applications for financial accounts or insurance needs. The judge specifically noted that monitoring is the best way to ensure no illegal dealings occur before the court hearing on the matter. He explained the evidence provided by James showed a high chance she would win her case, prompting his decision.

The Response from Both Sides

James responded to the court decision in a statement. She said the ruling will help ensure Trump cannot continue fraudulent activities. She added that no legal challenges, threats, or attempts to delay the process would “stop our pursuit of justice.”

Chris Kise, an attorney for Trump, claimed in his arguments against the move that the court’s ruling handed over the control of the corporation to a third party without ensuring the evidence was there to make such a move. He called the decision “unprecedented” and argued that it could have a negative impact on the business. The legal team is also reportedly appealing the judge’s choice to require a monitor.

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