Judiciary Committee To Look Into Durham Probe

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – The Senate Judiciary Committee has said that they would be reviewing the investigation by special counsel John Durham after it was reported that he had inappropriately handled the investigation into former President Trump.

According to a recent The New York Times report, there were ethical concerns relating to the probe which is what had led to many of the staff leaving the investigation. There were also concerns about former AG Bill Barr’s involvement in the probe, as well as his decision for the case to go to trial even though there was insufficient evidence available.

More importantly, the report stated that the Justice Department had hidden the criminal aspect of the probe and had not disclosed their investigation into Trump’s financial dealings instead of just focusing on the potential ties between the former president and Russia.

Committee Chairman Durbin (D-III.) said in statement following the release of the report that it was “outrageous” to know that even staff members quit because of the abuses that took place during the probe. He added that this is just one more instance where the Justice Department was weaponized against former President Trump.

According to the statement, he said that the Justice Department was meant to “work on behalf of the American people” and should not be weaponized or used by any president for their own personal gain.

Finally, he noted that the Judiciary committee would review the case to ensure that such an incident is not repeated.

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