Jury Reaches Verdict in Bill Cosby Case

Jury Reaches Verdict in Bill Cosby Case

New Bill Cosby VERDICT Reached – It’s Official!

(ConservativeHub.com) – For decades, Americans revered actor Bill Cosby as TV’s favorite dad. However, in recent years, allegations of sexual assault have come out against the former star. It seems one jury in charge of understanding Cosby’s actions and choosing his fate recently reached a verdict.

On Tuesday, June 21, jurors in Los Angeles County found Cosby liable in a civil case where the plaintiff accused him of abusing a 16-year-old girl at the Playboy Mansion in 1975. Not only did the jury agree the 84-year-old actor likely knew his victim, Judy Huth, was under 18, but they also confirmed he intentionally forced harmful sexual contact on the girl just days after he met her on a film set.

For Huth, this has been a long battle for recognition. She initially filed her lawsuit against Cosby in 2014 after other women began accusing him of similar acts. But, with the jury’s guilty verdict, Huth won $500,000 and validation that a jury believed the former star assaulted her. The judgment is a huge step for victims after a Pennsylvania court vacated the “Cosby Show” star’s last sexual assault conviction on a procedural issue, resulting in his release from prison last year.

While Cosby did not attend the trial and continues to say he didn’t have any sexual contact with Huth, a jury of his peers has ruled otherwise. Could this verdict be a glimpse of things to come, legally, for Cosby, as other victims choose civil actions to seek justice?

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