Just 1 House Left Unscathed in Lahaina Neighborhood After Fire

Photo by Mike Newbry on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – Lahaina, Hawaii, a once vibrant city, has now turned to ash as many of the neighborhoods were completely destroyed by the Maui wildfires. However, there is one red-roofed home in the area that appears to be completely unaffected by the fires.

The 100-year-old home located on Front Street is still standing despite the fact that all of its surrounding area has been destroyed by the fires. The wooden home has somehow managed to escape the devastation.

Trip Millikin, the homeowner, revealed to the Honolulu Civil Beat that the home looked photoshopped. Millikin and his wife were in Massachusetts when they heard that the fire in Maui had broken out. They later found out that the entire neighborhood had caught on fire and that it was likely that everything was going to be burned down completely. However, aerial footage from their area showed that the home did not appear to be damaged at all.

Millikin revealed that they had started to cry when they saw the house, but that they felt guilty. The couple first bought the home in 2021 and fixed it up afterward. The home was built from California redwood, which does have some fire-resistant properties, but these were not enough to justify the building still standing, considering the home next door was created from similar material and completely burned down.

According to Civil Beat, one expert noted that Millikin installed river stones in the area around the house, which likely did the most to help protect the structure from the blaze. Another factor that may have helped was the heavy-gauge metal roof on the home.

Reports indicate that by August 25, 388 people were still missing following the fires. At least 115 individuals have been confirmed dead, as of the time of writing.

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