Kamala Harris Tackling Abortion Issues on Campaign Trail

Kamala Harris Reportedly Planning To Tackle Abortion Issues on Campaign Trail

Kamala Harris Hits CAMPAIGN Trail – Guess What She’s Doing!

(ConservativeHub.com) – Vice President Kamala Harris is on the road, lending her hand to campaign for fellow Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections. Abortion rights are reportedly at the heart of her message as she tries to build support to defeat the Republicans.

Democrats want her to push abortion to the forefront because it is a hot-button issue they can rally people around. According to Politico, the Vice President has already been tackling abortion issues on a smaller scale. Now, she’s planning to step up her efforts by visiting red and purple states to address the subject, along with other major issues. The outlet also says she’ll be speaking with lawmakers and abortion rights advocates when she visits Indiana next week.

According to a report from Fox News, communications director for the Democratic Governors Association, David Turner, said having a party leader in front of the people increases the chances of more wins in the fall.

But Harris isn’t the most well-liked influencer, even on the Left. A Fox News poll from June showed her approval rating was at 39%, and the GOP feels that’s good news for them.

Fox News reported that Nicole Morales, Republican National Committee spokesperson, noted the vice president hasn’t succeeded in many of her dealings since taking office. The spokesperson said she’s done a dismal job addressing the border, had multiple public missteps, and failed to push through election reform. The expectation is that Harris’s performance on the campaign trail will be just as “disastrous,” according to Morales.

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