Kamala Harris to Head to Europe Amid Tensions With Russia

Kamala Harris to Head to Europe Amid Tensions With Russia

(ConservativeHub.com) – The situation on the Ukraine border hasn’t improved. Russian forces continue to pile up in the area, and despite the Kremlin’s assurance there are no plans for an invasion, the US and its allies are on edge. The Biden administration just announced its intended next step.

On February 9, the White House revealed Vice President Kamala Harris would go to the Munich Security Conference in Germany to meet with European leaders to discuss the Russia/Ukraine situation. The vice president’s goal is to assure NATO the US stands firmly with them during this tense time and remains committed to protecting the freedom of Ukraine.

Harris has been given her fair share of big assignments since she entered office, but reports point out that so far, voters feel she hasn’t made much progress. For example, Biden tasked her with addressing the causes of immigration; that has since shown little sign of improvement. Biden also appointed her to battle Republican election laws, and that mission hasn’t shown many signs of progress either.

Harris promised in January the US would impose severe consequences on Russia in the event of a Ukrainian invasion, and yet, things continue to deteriorate. President Biden began telling Americans in the nation to evacuate during a press conference on February 7. The unstable situation requires care and action, but is the vice president up to handling the task?

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