Kevin McCarthy Criticizes Biden’s Handling of Putin

Kevin McCarthy Criticizes Biden's Handling of Putin

( – On March 21, President Joe Biden issued a statement warning Americans about the threat of cyberattacks from Russian operatives. He made sure to tell business and state leaders to prepare for and protect against such actions. However, the president’s approach didn’t sit well with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who suggested he should aim his words at Russia instead of ordinary American citizens.

On Fox News’ Faulkner Focus on March 23, the representative explained Biden needs to warn Russian President Vladimir Putin not to attack the US in any manner, online or otherwise. He said it is upsetting that the administration would rather tell the public there is a threat than to tell Putin not to attack.

McCarthy angrily stated this isn’t the first time the White House has acted in this way. He said the president has been sending out the wrong message to Russia. For instance, he pointed to an exchange between Biden and Putin last year where Biden provided a list of 16 companies off-limits to cyberattack. The representative noted Biden has given plenty of warnings to Americans, but that he’s failed to put his foot down where Putin is concerned.

He explained the administration must take a stronger stance. McCarthy said the president must tell Putin not to engage in cyberattacks, and if he does, the US will retaliate.

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