Kim Jong-un’s Sister Issues Warning to South Korea

Kim Jong-un's Sister Issues Warning to South Korea

( – Tensions continue to mount between North and South Korea in the wake of recent weapons tests. The two nations have increasingly provoked each other in recent months due in part to stalled talks between the United States and Pyongyang. The situation took an abrupt turn for the worse shortly after both nations test-fired ballistic missiles in the Korean Peninsula.

On Wednesday, September 15, Kim Jong-un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, lashed out at South Korean officials, threatening the “complete destruction” of relations in response to remarks made by South Korean President Moon Jae-in shortly after his country’s missile test.

Moon reportedly stated that South Korea’s growing ballistic missile capabilities would serve as a “deterrence” to North Korean aggression. Kim tore into him for his remarks, calling them slanderous. She also accused Moon of revealing his petty and envious nature.

Kim also lashed out at Moon for claiming North Korea intended to use their development of missile technology for offensive purposes. According to Kim, North Korea is developing its program without any particular country in mind as a target.

Experts claim that North Korea’s tests have little or nothing to do with South Korea. Instead, they keep conducting the dry runs as part of an effort to lure the United States back to the negotiating table. Kim and her brother would like to see the US ease up on its devastating economic sanctions.

On September 15, diplomats stated that the United Nations Security Council would have an emergency meeting to discuss North Korea’s recent missile tests.

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