Lack of Irrigation Water Poses Problem for Farmers

Photo by Jed Owen on Unsplash

( – Some American farmers have been blaming Mexico for not upholding its end of a treaty that requires it to provide water to a certain part of the US.

Farmer Brian Jones, whose farm is located near the border, argued that this was the first time in the 40 years that he has not had any irrigation water. He then pointed out that the lack of irrigation has also meant that there is a big decrease in the crops. 

In the 1940s, a treaty was put in place that required Mexico to provide a certain amount of water to the region of the Lower Rio Grande. However, farmers have alleged that Mexico is running behind when it comes to upholding its end of the deal.

Jone said that because of the lack of water, only half of his farm has been planted. He lamented that there simply isn’t enough water to take care of all the crops.

Texas A&M professor and extension economist Luis Ribera played a role in creating a report that notes the losses that the United States could face if the region continues on without the necessary irrigation water.

Ribera argued that for producers, the direct impact of the lack of water would be nearly $500 million and that there would be 8,500 lost because of the effects on distribution and production. He said that these are “big numbers” and pointed out that the cost of groceries could rise.

Jones stated that the sugar mill that existed down the road from his farm has had to shut down as a result of the lack of water for production. He said that it serves as reminder for the troubles facing his own property.

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