Landmark Supreme Court Case Could Preserve Religious Freedom in Schools

Landmark Supreme Court Case Could Preserve Religious Freedom in Schools

This Supreme Court Case Could Prove a Major Victory For Religious Freedom

( – The Supreme Court (SCOTUS) has kept a strict division of church and state for decades with rulings barring teacher-led prayers or religious teaching from public schools. However, the nation’s highest court just heard arguments over whether a Washington school should have allowed its football coach to pray with his players on the 50-yard line after games.

On Monday, April 25, the nine SCOTUS justices heard oral arguments for Kennedy v. Bremerton School District. They listened to the predicament of high school coach Joseph Kennedy, who lost his job after praying with players after their game. Kennedy had done this for eight years before the school board asked him to stop. His lawyer argues the employment separation violated his client’s First Amendment rights to express his religion as a private citizen after the game concluded.

BBC News posed the question everyone is asking about this case:

While Americans shouldn’t expect a ruling until summer, many believe the conservative Justices will rule in Kennedy’s favor. Still, they must work through whether the coach was coercing any students to join with him in prayer and how far is too far regarding religious endorsement in public settings.

What do you think? Should Kennedy still have his job and be able to pray mid-field, or did the school board make the right decision to separate church and state in this way?

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