Laptop Image Appears To Show Hunter Biden Speeding

Laptop Image Appears To Show Hunter Biden Speeding

( – Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, reportedly took a photo while driving his Porsche toward Sin City in the summer of 2018. The photo was taken on Aug. 2 and at the time, Hunter Biden appeared to be speeding, with the dashboard showing that he was driving at 172 miles per hour.

The New York Post reported that Hunter Biden was on his way to Las Vegas when he reached that speed, while the Daily Mail reported that there were texts on the computer that show he had been planning a hot tub party for that trip which would also include prostitutes. In the coordinating messages, one of the women named “Cheryl” stated that she did not have a bathing suit or the money to buy one, so she would just have to go without anything.

The day after the event, “Cheryl” once again messaged him adding that the problem was that too many girls were present and that Hunter Biden should “do one at a time.”

It was also reported by the Daily Mail that Hunter Biden had also filmed himself smoking what looked like crack while driving through Arlington, Virginia back in 2018. The photos in question were taken from Biden’s infamous laptop and then uploaded on the website Marco Polo, which is run by Garrett Ziegler.

Hunter Biden recently reached a settlement in his child support case in Arkansas, which has resulted in the end of a years-long dispute concerning his 4-year-old daughter. Fox News reported that both the President and the first lady have repeatedly refused to acknowledge the little girl as their grandchild, stating that they only have six grandchildren.

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