Laptop Repairman Says Hunter Biden Scandal Has Upended His Life

Laptop Repairman Says Hunter Biden Scandal Has Upended His Life

( – The Hunter Biden laptop scandal gave the public a look into the life of the president’s son. While it may have tarnished Biden’s image, it also appears to have caused great harm to the repair shop owner who discovered the laptop. After reporting his findings to the FBI, John Paul Mac Isaac says he’s had nothing but hardships.

Immediate Backlash

A report from the New York Post covers Mac Isaac’s account of his life amid the scandal. Hunter Biden allegedly dropped his computer off at the Delaware computer repair shop and never picked it up, leaving the computer and its valuable contents abandoned. Mac Isaac alerted the FBI and eventually handed over the laptop to the Feds. When stories broke about the contents in 2020, they revealed information allegedly connecting the younger Biden to Ukrainian energy companies, offensive language, sexual encounters, drug use, and shady business dealings.

After the laptop contents became public knowledge, Mac Isaac said he began receiving death threats. He said there were confrontations at his Delaware computer store, The Mac Shop. The owner said people threw everything from vegetables to dog feces on the storefront, and shady characters showed up in his shop to harass him. He even had to call on police to provide an officer to sit in front of his store every day. Eventually, in November 2020, Mac Isaac closed his business and left the state. He went to Colorado with his family.

His troubles didn’t end when he left Delaware. Suffering from the loss of his store, Mac Isaac reportedly applied for unemployment. He said he kept re-applying, and officials continued to close his case. He went so far as to send a letter to Delaware State Senator Chris Coons (D), asking him what was happening with his claims and suggesting the situation seemed like a political attack. Mac Isaac started receiving benefits soon after, but he said he didn’t receive the full amount to which he was legally entitled.

He also says he went through issues with the IRS, receiving a demand to pay an overdue bill from 2016. An accountant friend reportedly told him the IRS typically doesn’t search that far back unless they have a reason to look. Instead of fighting, he paid the IRS demand for $57.

Mac Isaac had issues with social media as well. He claims he’s under a shadowban by YouTube and consistently faces censorship from other platforms. He reportedly filed a lawsuit against Twitter after the company censored and labeled his posts about the laptop as misinformation. He had no luck. Mac Isaac says a Florida federal court dismissed the lawsuit and ordered he to pay Twitter $175,000 for legal fees they incurred.

Long-Term Effects

The former shop owner has reportedly worked odd jobs to stay afloat financially, focusing on woodworking. He’s found some work with friends and wrote a book about his experience, but he hasn’t found a publisher interested yet.

With the money he owes to Twitter adding to his financial issues from losing his business, Mac Isaac said filing bankruptcy might be his only option. Despite his bleak situation, he said he would do everything the same way again because he believes people should say something when they see something wrong.

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