Las Vegas Teen Dies After Horrifying Incident

Photo by MChe Lee on Unsplash

( – According to recent reports, a high school student in Las Vegas died after being beaten by a large group of other students on November 1. Jonathan Lewis, who had gone to Rancho High School, passed away about six days after the disturbing incident.

The father of the 17-year-old, who is also referred to as Jonathan Lewis, revealed that his son had passed away after being put on life support for several days. He further shared that his son tended to keep to himself and that he had been living with his mother in the city. However, there were plans for him to eventually move to Austin, Texas where his father was.

Lewis stated that he was disappointed by the fight that had resulted in his son’s death and argued that much of the time, children were not even aware of what exactly they were doing. Still, he said that he was hopeful that the incident would lead to more conversations about violence among children and young adults in Las Vegas.

KLAS reported that the elder Lewis added added that he deeply loved his children and that he found it “unimaginable” that this could have happened. He said that he was hoping that the culprits would find “forgiveness in their heart” and would be able to live with the reality of their actions.

He added that the investigators said that there were plans to have many of the students who had been a part of the fight charged with murder. According to AP News, it was confirmed on November 15 that 10 of the younger Lewis’s classmates were involved in the beating. Eight of them were arrested the previous day.

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