Last US State Announces End of Mask Mandate

Last US State Announces End of Mask Mandate

( – In March 2020, the COVID-19 lockdowns began. Since then, the pandemic has raged on, with authorities instigating mandate after mandate in an effort to mitigate the spread of the virus. But, within the past month or so, the strictest states have been lifting their rules. Hawaii will be the last state to remove one of the most common directives.

On March 8, Hawaii officially announced the end of its mask requirement. It was the final state to have such a directive in place. Governor David Ige (D) said the facial covering rule would end on March 26.

Ige explained he struck the mandate because COVID-19 hospitalizations and infections are low in Hawaii now, and most people will be safe without facial coverings in indoor settings. He did, however, caution the mask requirement may go back into effect if the numbers begin to rise again.

Ige also reversed the Safe Travel program, which required visitors to prove they were fully vaccinated or show a negative test. He credited the Hawaiian people with working hard to defeat COVID-19, allowing for the easing of restrictions.

With this announcement, all the states have now rescinded or announced the end of their mask mandates. Could this be a sign the country is finally moving forward and leaving the pandemic behind?

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