Lauren Boebert Narrowly Secures Victory in Colorado Race

Lauren Boebert Narrowly Secures Victory in Colorado

( – Outspoken Republican Representative Lauren Boebert officially won the race for the 3rd District seat in Colorado. The Secretary of State announced the results after a recount prompted by state election laws on December 12. Boebert claimed the win by only 546 votes.

The representative was up against Adam Frisch, a businessman who billed himself as a moderate. Frisch’s campaign portrayed him as someone ready to work for the people. He painted Boebert as being all talk and no action. He also labeled her as “anti-American,” according to his website.

Boebert ran her campaign on the issues she is passionate about, such as guns and freedom. She captured 50.06% of the votes compared to her opponent’s 49.89%. Frisch had already conceded, but Boebert issued her official statement on December 11 via Twitter.

The Trump-backed representative is a staunch supporter of American First ideals. She’s a hardcore Second Amendment fighter who received criticism for featuring her four sons holding guns in a Christmas card. The 35-year-old restaurant owner has been vocal in her hard stance against the left.

The race’s closeness shocked many because projections originally predicted an easy win for Boebert. But the outcome mirrored those in races with other candidates backed by former President Donald Trump, who had to fight hard for wins or came up short.

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