Law Enforcement Reportedly Catches Over 1,000 Immigrants in a Single Day

Law Enforcement Reportedly Catches Over 1,000 Immigrants in a Single Day

( – The immigration issue shows no signs of abating if recent reports are accurate. On Thursday, February 17, Mexican authorities say they caught over 1,000 immigrants from 22 states throughout the country trying to make their way to the United States.

Of the 1,266 migrants authorities detained, about 10% were allegedly minors, while most of the others were solo travelers. Additionally, while most came from Latin American countries like Cuba, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia and Honduras, others actually came from different continents. Migrants from as far away as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Russia purportedly tried to cross the border.

This revelation raises concerns that some terrorists might make their way to and even through the US border. Authorities have already caught some suspects trying to sneak in through this avenue.

Due to elevated level of migrant movement, the United States is pressing Mexico to handle the influx, especially for those traveling from Central and South America. However, according to a report from Reuters, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is also pushing Mexico to offer more opportunities for regularization – stabilizing migrants’ status within Mexico and decreasing the risk of exploitation.

Unfortunately, it appears the number of migrants aiming to escape poverty and poor living conditions is still high. Add in disastrous policies at the actual Mexico-US border, and it looks like the US still has to fight an uphill battle.

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