Lawsuit Filed Against Biden Over Border Wall Construction

Lawsuit Filed Against Biden Over Border Wall Construction

( – President Joe Biden appeared to have one thing on his mind after taking the oath of office on January 6 — undermining the legacy of his predecessor, former President Donald Trump. Biden issued 15 presidential actions on his very first day in office. One of them included canceled the construction of the border wall separating the US and Mexico. However, he may soon regret that decision.

On Wednesday, July 14, the Texas General Land Office (GLO) Commissioner George P. Bush (R) announced his office filed a lawsuit against Biden administration officials for ending construction of the border wall. The son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, he’s not known for running from a battle when the opportunity arises.

Bush filed the case in the US District Court for the Southern District of Texas, McAllen Division, which is home to a stretch of border. The lawsuit names Joe Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and claims the decision to halt construction violated federal law.

Bush held a press conference to discuss the lawsuit and explained that “no man is above the law… [including] President Biden.” Congress allocated over $5 billion to construct a border wall and fencing along the nation’s southern border. Now, four years after Trump signed the first funding measure into law, Biden ignored it and “illegally” halted construction. “This is wrong,” he explained, and “this is illegal.” As a result, the Texas Defense Task Force recommended filing the suit.

The Texas Defense Task Force

Bush created the Texas Defense Task Force (TDTF) earlier this year to supplement the work of the GLO. Its focus is to identify and push back against federal overreach and to “fend off threats to the Texas oil and gas economy.” It forms part of Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s recent executive order instructing state agencies to prepare to defend Texas’ energy sector from potentially harmful Biden administration policies.

The TDTF’s website notes that Texas’ gas and oil industries form the “backbone” of the state’s economic wellbeing. The livelihoods of thousands of Texans depend on the energy sector. The TDTF’s expressed purpose is “drawing a line in the sand” regarding Biden taking any action to hamper operations.

The agency warned that Biden’s actions have already had a “chilling effect” on the state, and the task force will work tirelessly to fend off future threats and federal overreach coming out of the White House.

The country is paying a huge price for Biden’s inability and apparent unwillingness to handle border security. Perhaps he will rethink matters now that he is confronting the reality of the consequences of his actions.

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