Lawsuit Filed Against Missouri School District

Photo by Kyle on Unsplash

( – A transgender teen who used to attend Platte County R-3 School District has taken legal action against a school district in Missouri after she was forced to either use the single-stall gender-neutral bathroom or the boy’s bathroom.

The transgender student, 16, has been identified in the lawsuit filed by the ACLU of Missouri as R.F. The lawsuit filed on Monday, July 31, in the Circuit Court of Platte County against the Platte County R-3 School claims that it was a violation of the student’s rights to force her to use a bathroom that didn’t align with her gender identity.

The lawsuit further states that the student was diagnosed at a young age with gender dysphoria and started her medical transition in 2019. In September 2021 when she entered Platte County High School as a freshman, she identified as a transgender girl. According to the lawsuit, the Constitution prohibits the school from “discriminating against the people it is supposed to protect” in regard to sex or disability.

Transgender rights have become a part of the culture wars across the United States, with many states introducing anti-LGBTQ+ bills in the past year, according to Newsweek.

After enrolling at the school, R.F. was informed by the school’s assistant principal that she was not allowed to use the girls’ restrooms in the school and that instead, she either needed to use the gender-neutral restroom or the boys’ restroom. The school also punished her after she used the girls’ bathroom with the punishments escalating every time she did it. R.F. received verbal warnings, out-of-school suspensions, and also detention for having used the female bathroom. She further claimed that when using the boys’ bathroom one of her male classmates had threatened to rape her.

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