Lawsuit FILED Against The FDA – Here’s the Reason

Juul Takes Legal Action Against FDA

JUUL Takes Legal Action Against FDA

( – The federal government has scrutinized the tobacco industry for decades. But allegations against one company that allegedly targeted underage market segments through the use of flavored e-cigarette pods seemingly caused the FDA to issue Marketing Denial Orders for all JUUL Labs products sold in the US on June 23, 2022. The e-cig giant responded with a successful US District Court appeal the next day, granting a temporary administrative stay and a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request seeking documentation from the FDA supporting their ban. Now, JUUL has filed suit against the agency for failing to respond to the FOIA request.

The innovative corporation filed its motion on September 20, asking for access to documentation the FDA used to make its June decision to deny the company the right to market its products, which would essentially strip them of all rights to sell in the US. The e-cig manufacturer accused the agency of a FOIA violation for refusing access to the scientific data on which the regulator based the ruling. JUUL representatives claim they can’t adequately defend the business unless they have the scientific basis for the accusations.

JUUL is appealing the marketing denial, which claimed the manufacturer failed to provide adequate evidence that its products comply with FDA regulations. The US Court of Appeals in DC issued a temporary stay to stop the suspension on June 24, with the agency deciding to issue its own stay on July 5 so it could conduct “additional review.”

A company spokesperson told Axios that JUUL was worried about their “applications” being treated unfairly due to “political pressure.”

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