Lawsuit FILED – Could This STOP the Biden Admin’s Plans?

Student Loan Relief Program Faces Another Lawsuit

Student Loan Relief Program Faces Another Lawsuit

( – President Joe Biden announced he would forgive up to $20,000 in federal student loan debt for some Americans on August 24. But his plan to relieve the burden on borrowers has detractors. The latest legal challenge comes from the Job Creators Network Foundation, which is suing to stop the relief program.

The organization’s president, Elaine Parker, contends Biden’s debt forgiveness program failed to follow federal protocol and obtain input from the public. She claims everyone would feel the plan’s impact and should be able to voice their opinion on it. Parker also expressed her belief that the relief won’t really help. According to The Washington Examiner, she said she believes the program fails to address the true culprit of high tuition costs. “Greedy and bloated colleges” raising prices every year, she argues, are to blame.

The Job Creator Network Foundation’s lawsuit is one of several against the Biden college debt plan. The claims often include accusations that Biden has overstepped his authority with the move. Six states filed a lawsuit in September using the overreach argument, and a judge is currently weighing the case to decide whether or not to pause the program. The Pacific Legal Foundation also took a claim to court for the same issue but additionally argued that the forgiveness program would create tax challenges for those it aimed to help.

The application for the program is already live, and borrowers will have until the end of 2023 to apply.

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