Lawsuit Filed Over Drunk Passenger’s Alleged Actions

Photo by William Hook on Unsplash

( – A man on a Delta Air Lines flight was reportedly served more than 10 vodka drinks before proceeding to assault and grope a mother and 16-year-old daughter who were sitting next to him.

The mother and daughter claimed that the flight attendants on the Delta flight completely ignored all of their complaints and pleas relating to the man and his escalating behavior towards them during a flight from New York City to Athens, Greece. A lawsuit was filed this week in the Eastern District of New York.

The lawsuit states that the drunk man was allowed to simply leave the plane when they arrived in Athens, Greece without the local authorities or U.S. law enforcement getting involved despite the allegations of sexual assault.

Lawsuit also says that Delta exhibited “gross negligence,” as the Delta flight attendant continued to provide drinks to the man even after he was visibly drunk.

The complaint noted that the intoxicated man was sitting next to the 16-year-old girl who tried hard to ignore him. However, the drunk man was unwilling to allow that. He allegedly made “obscene gestures” and started demanding personal information.

The girl’s mother proceeded to inform him that she was a minor, but the man stated that he didn’t care and started pulling the mother’s arm. When the two women informed the flight attendant, they were allegedly just told to remain “patient.” The mother and teen asked to be moved to a different seat, but the flight attendants did not accommodate that request, only telling the man to leave the duo alone.

The man was also accused of running a hand up the mother’s leg and reaching under the 16-year-old’s shirt at one point. Eventually, another man agreed to swap seats with the teen and then remained between the mother and the drunk man until the flight landed.

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