Lawyers Say Inmate Claimed She Was Offered Money to Kill Ghislaine Maxwell

Lawyers Say Inmate Claimed She Was Offered Money to Kill Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell DEATH THREAT Reported

( – A jury found Ghislaine Maxwell guilty of various counts of sex trafficking in December 2021, and now, the former socialite awaits a judge to sentence her on June 28. However, her lawyers are fighting for a lesser punishment for multiple reasons, including personal trauma and an alleged death threat leading up to her sentencing.

Maxwell Lawyers Detail Childhood Trauma and Ask for Lighter Sentence

Maxwell’s attorneys filed a sentencing memorandum on Wednesday, June 15, asking the judge to give the convicted felon “a significant variance” from the recommended 20-year sentence for her crimes.

The lawyers claim Jeffrey Epstein influenced Maxwell’s criminal activity and say he manipulated her into working for him, isolating her illegal activity only to the years she spent under Epstein’s sway. The document emphasized that Maxwell “cannot and should not bear all the punishment for which Epstein should have been held responsible.”

The attorneys also highlighted Maxwell’s abusive childhood as a reason to give her a lighter sentence. Apparently, Maxwell’s father, disgraced media mogul Robert Maxwell, was narcissistic and violent towards her, leaving her vulnerable to Epstein’s control after her father’s death. The filing called her relationship with Epstein “the biggest mistake she made in her life.”

Attorneys Detail Death Threat Against Maxwell

Maxwell’s legal team also highlighted the danger to their client of staying in jail for decades. They wrote that an inmate at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center already threatened to kill her, saying it would “be worth the money” and the extra 20 years in jail to murder her. According to the legal team, the person who threatened her had told multiple other inmates that she planned to strangle Maxwell while she was sleeping.

The memo emphasized how many prisoners would be willing to murder Maxwell “for money, fame, or simple street cred.” They pointed out that she was having to “sleep with one eye open” and argued that this would continue as long as she remained in prison.

With Maxwell back in the general population of inmates, considering the nature of her crimes, will there be other death threats against her? If so, keeping her safe behind bars could be a strenuous task for prison officials.

How Many Years Will the Judge Give Maxwell?

Maxwell is currently 60 years old and could legally face up to 55 years in prison. US Circuit Judge Alison Nathan ruled two of her changes were redundant in April, bumping that number down from 65 potential years behind bars.

But, probation authorities recommend only 20 years in jail for the British socialite. Her lawyers are hoping for closer to five. Depending on the sentence, Maxwell could spend the rest of her life in prison or be out and live decades more in the free world.

Do you think Maxwell could or should receive a lesser sentence based on her attorneys’ claims?

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