Leader To Serve ANOTHER Term – A Bad Sign?

Xi Jinping To Serve Another Term as China's Leader

Xi Jinping To Serve Another Term as China’s Leader

(ConservativeHub.com) – Chinese leadership made a significant announcement on October 23. Xi Jinping will retain his position as the leader of the Communist Party and the country for a third term. The idea of his retaining power goes against precedent and has raised questions about what this means going forward.

A Questionable Move

The normal flow of China’s government power has a set process and rules to avoid the alarming and all-encompassing rulership of a leader like the controversial Mao Zedong, who held onto the powerful position until his death. Leaders get two 5-year terms or 10 years in office, then transfer power to a successor. But Xi stepped right into a third term, pushing aside decades of tradition and a process carefully balanced to avoid an authoritarian dictatorship.

Still, his decision came as no surprise; he’s been setting the stage for his continued rule for some time. He formally ended term limits in 2018, giving him the legal ability to seek a third term. Xi also opted not to name someone to become his successor, which was the typical process. In addition, he’s over 68 years old, when government officials usually step down.

Xi’s Reign

The Chinese leader has gone against the grain since taking office. People expected a gentle ruler who would help advance the country, but it’s been reported that he increased incarceration for minorities, started watching over his people and monitoring them, and ordered harsh punishments for protestors. Most recently, the leader partnered with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Throughout his time in office, he has been accused of ignoring rules about power distribution within the government. One analysis from the Guardian detailed concerns that the leader is surrounding himself with “yes men” who will put their loyalty to him over what’s right for the country or its people.

The Impact

Tensions between China and the West have been high amid Russia’s war with Ukraine and ongoing issues sparked by the US’s support for Taiwan. According to Reuters, political observers say he feels strongly that his way is the only way, and during his speech before the party, Xi made it clear he planned to be more assertive in foreign dealings.

Xi remaining in power has also raised flags among some experts. According to CBS News, China Institute at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies Direct Steve Tsang told BBC News he thinks Xi is trying to take Xi in a “slightly socialist” and “authoritarian” direction. He also warned that the Chinese leader will “make Putin look rather mild.”

When assuming his third term, the Chinese leader didn’t indicate he’d make significant changes despite strained relations with other countries or human rights concerns within China.

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