Letter from Holocaust Survivor Finally Found After Over 70 Years

Letter from Holocaust Survivor Finally Found After Over 70 Years

(ConservativeHub.com) – People worldwide know the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz was notoriously the deadliest camp during World War II. This year marked 77 years since troops liberated Jews from the horrific camp, and a newly-found letter tells the story of one of those people.

Treasure Hunter Finds Holocaust Survivor Letter

Chelsey Brown is a New York influencer and self-proclaimed “heirloom detective.” When she caught wind of a 1945 letter written by a Holocaust survivor at a local flea market, she knew she had to buy it and return it to its family.

Brown purchased both the handwritten letter and the author’s birth certificate, among other decades-old artifacts. After a bit of research, Brown connected the author, Ilse Loewenberg, to her family living in New York City. What they found was incredible.

Ilse Loewenberg’s Story of Tragedy and Escape

Loewenberg’s letter details how she jumped out of a train on its way to Auschwitz in 1943, but within the year, Nazi soldiers captured her again in Berlin. Her words detail the horrors she endured in a Nazi concentration camp, including learning of the deaths of her mom, dad, sisters, and husband at other concentration camps nearby. She emphasized, “no one is alive anymore” and called her pain “unspeakably big.”

Loewenberg addressed the letter to her sister Carla, who never had children. However, Brown was able to return the rare letter to Jill Butler, another relative of Carla’s. At first, Butler thought Brown was a scam artist but quickly verified the story to be true. Butler shared how “thrilled beyond words” her family was to receive the letter and bring back her great-aunt “from the depths of the European inferno.”

Returning Artifacts to Where They Belong

Brown spent weeks researching the life of Ilse Loewenberg before she was able to piece together enough information to contact her family. Yet, Brown emphasizes how the process is always worth it and hopes to continue tracing down heirlooms, especially from the Holocaust, and returning them to their rightful families. Jill Butler and Chelsey Brown plan to meet up together after the COVID-19 pandemic winds down a bit more to continue celebrating the letter’s return home.

While the events described in the letter are horrific and tragic, Brown was able to bring a bit of closure to the situation through her dedication to returning the long-lost letter to its family. So, as America commemorated Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27, hopefully, this story will inspire other Americans to do a good deed for someone around them.

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