Liberal Media Continues to Downplay Cuomo Scandal

Liberal Media Continues to Downplay Cuomo Scandal

( – CNN has been on the receiving end of heavy criticism for years on various topics, including allegations of biased election coverage. Things got so bad in 2016 that Donald Trump started referring to the cable news outlet as the “Clinton News Network.”

Fox News reported on CNN’s skewed coverage (or, more accurately, non-coverage) of New York’s embattled Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a March 31 exposĂ©.

A Fox analysis of CNN transcripts confirmed that the network has failed, so far, to mention Sherry Vill, the ninth woman to step forward and accuse Cuomo of sexual misconduct. Similarly, the network reportedly dismissed mention of his sixth accuser, calling her accusations “unverified” when guests brought her up.

Fox News also reported that CNN went nearly a week without any coverage of the recent allegations that Cuomo prioritized coronavirus testing for allies and family members.

CNN’s lack of coverage of the mounting allegations against Gov. Cuomo probably shouldn’t come as any surprise. After all, his younger brother Chris Cuomo is one of CNN’s most popular primetime hosts.

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