Lloyd Austin Holds Call with Chinese Defense Minister

Lloyd Austin Holds Call with Chinese Defense Minister

(ConservativeHub.com) – It’s no secret the relationship between China and the US has been a bit rocky lately. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin III hadn’t even spoken with his Chinese counterpart, Chinese General Wei Fenghe, since stepping into his role as Pentagon chief in January 2021. But, Austin finally connected with Fenghe this week after months of asking.

On Wednesday, April 20, the US Defense Secretary spoke with the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) Minister of National Defense, General Wei Fenghe. According to the Pentagon press release, the pair spoke about “US-PRC defense relations, regional security issues, and Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.” Fox News shared more about the talk:

The 45-minute discussion was a follow-up to President Joe Biden’s March 18 call with Chinese President Xi Jinping, although the government provided little information about either call. A statement from Beijing indicated Austin and Fenghe’s call touched on China’s recent attempts to assert its power over Taiwan, a growing US concern affecting regional stability.

Hopefully, Austin’s call gave China a needed reminder of the US might and resolve should China consider moving against Taiwan or providing aid to Russia in its horrific attacks on Ukraine. At the very least, a more active dialogue has resumed again between these two world powers.

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