Major ISIS Leader Reportedly Killed by US Forces

Major ISIS Leader Reportedly Killed by US Forces

US KILLS Enemy Leader – He’s Dead!

( – In a strike on the outskirts of Jindayris, Syria, US forces killed ISIS leader Maher al-Agal on July 12, according to a press release from CENTCOM. Al-Agal worked diligently to promote the organization outside the country. An associate of al-Agal also suffered injuries in the incident, but the operation didn’t cause injuries to any civilians, the release said.

CENTCOM is running multiple US operations in northwestern Syria, a haven for terror groups and their leaders. The military strategy involves using tactical strikes to cripple the terror organizations and thwart regional fundamentalist group efforts.

In a previous strike in June, US forces took out Abu Hamzah al Yemeni, who allegedly had links to al-Qaeda leader Hurras al-Din. A separate air raid earlier this year led to the death of top ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Quarashi, who killed himself with a bomb when he came under fire.

The loss of key members of leadership puts a strain on ISIS. The group will have a more challenging time carrying out plans to reorganize after territory losses due to the death of leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi at the hands of US forces in 2019.

US forces will continue to oppose terror threats in the region and work to maintain regional stability and security by working with allies.

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