Major Military DRILLS Reported – Look Who Was Involved!

US, South Korea, and Japan Carry Out Military Drills

US, South Korea, and Japan Carry Out Military Exercise

( – Tensions in the East are far from calm. As Russia continues its barrage on Ukraine, China continuously threatens Taiwan, and North Korea has rebooted missile testing in recent weeks. This past week, the US teamed up with South Korea and Japan to hold military exercises on the eastern side of the Korean Peninsula.

On Friday, September 29, the three countries joined together to hold an anti-submarine exercise. This comes after North Korea’s missile testing throughout September. According to reports, there have been concerns about North Korea testing submarine-launched missiles.

Missiles launched from a submarine are more challenging to detect in time to shoot down, making this potential threat an extra frightening one for many nations near North Korea. However, the American military provided the USS Ronald Reagan, one of the Navy’s nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, alongside many destroyers from South Korea and Japan to show the strength and resolve of their militaries.

In a statement from the Navy reported on by The Associated Press, Captain Cho Chung-ho, who commands the South Korean sailors for the drills, hopes this display of force will show the nearby aggressive dictators that they’re ready to “respond and neutralize any forms of North Korean provocations.”

In the days after the drills, news outlets reported that North Korea had fired a missile over Japan. Bloomberg reported that it was the first such incident in five years, and that officials issues a warning for people to take cover. However, no one was injured and no one reported any damage.

North Korea has repeatedly rejected attempts by the US to negotiate on the possibility of denuclearization.

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