Man Accused of POSING as Student – Disturbing Security Failure!

Man Reportedly Caught Pretending To Be College Student

Man Reportedly Caught Pretending To Be College Student

( – College campuses are, ideally, safe places for students to learn and grow. But a situation this year may have just exposed a larger security concern at one campus. A man William Curry reportedly pretended to be a student at Stanford University beginning in at least December 2021. He posed as a pre-med sophomore and lived in a minimum of five different dorms. School officials were aware of his presence and had him removed from campus multiple times before his final ousting on October 27 by police.

While living at Stanford, Curry allegedly harassed others and stole a television from a residence hall. He was dating a student. The man reportedly found it easy to keep returning after campus security removed him because people didn’t know he wasn’t an actual attendee at the university.

The Stanford Daily accused the college of not sharing the information about the security risk with students. The paper claims the school’s secrecy about Curry allowed him to remain on campus for so long, moving from dorm to dorm and causing problems.

According to The Independent, Dee Mostofi, a spokeswoman for Stanford, explained the school had repeatedly issued warning letters to Curry, telling him that he must leave campus. She added that it wasn’t until his final removal that they pinned him down. Mostofi admitted the incident had prompted a review of the college’s policies to ensure better security in student housing, and the university is taking immediate steps to fix gaps in protocols.

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