Man Accused of Sending Threats to FBI Agent

Man Accused of Sending Threats to FBI Agent

( – Federal prosecutors revealed Thursday, June 13, that a Texas man was charged with threatening an FBI special agent who was involved in the probe into the personal data disseminated from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Timothy Muller, the suspect, is accused of calling the agent after the federal jury in Delaware handed over their guilty verdict against President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

Muller allegedly made two calls. The agent hung up on Muller the first time. However, according to prosecutors, Muller called back and left a voicemail lasting more than one minute. He is alleged to have said, “You can run, but you can’t… hide.”

In the voicemail, Muller allegedly told the agent that former President Donald Trump would win his reelection bid in November and that when he has, the FBI would be sifted and thrown in jail. He then allegedly added threats of gun violence against the FBI as a whole, calling the agents “traitorous dogs.” 

Following the voicemail, 43-year-old Muller, from Fort Worth, Texas, allegedly sent the agent several text messages.

Prosecutors allege that in the text messages, Muller asked whether the agent’s family was “safe” and then went on to ask if he “really” thought it was possible to “disenfranchise 75 million Americans and not die?”

Muller has been charged with influencing, retaliating, and impeding a federal official and interstate threatening communication. If he is found guilty, he could spend up to ten years in prison.

The special agent’s name was withheld.

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