Man Allegedly Stole Huge Amount of Money From Church

Man Allegedly Stole Huge Amount of Money From Church

( – In June, Senior Pastor Robby Gallaty and Executive Pastor Collin Wood of the Long Hollow Church in Hendersonville, Tennessee, had the difficult job of telling their congregation that a trusted employee had stolen a significant amount of money from the religious organization’s accounts. They revealed that Daniel Meadows stood accused of the theft, and the church leaders were working with authorities to investigate the matter further. On December 13, the church acknowledged the breaking news that Meadows was in police custody for the crime.

Meadows worked as a Campus Operations Specialist and Executive Assistant when the church discovered the missing money. Church leaders traced the theft to him through an internal investigation and fired him. Gallaty and Wood let the congregation know they would improve internal controls to prevent future issues.

When the news came out that police had taken Meadows into custody, the church said it had no prior notice it was happening. They learned about it when the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) released a briefing on December 13 to announce they arrested Meadows for theft on December 12.

The TBI stated they began an investigation on June 22 after the church filed a crime report. The agency presented evidence before a grand jury, which returned an indictment against Meadows on one count of property theft on near the beginning of December.

Authorities estimate Meadows stole $198,775 over two years. He was in the Sumner County Jail with a bond of $7,500.

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