Man Arrested After Allegedly Carjacking Woman With Bow and Arrow

Man Arrested After Allegedly Carjacking Woman With Bow and Arrow

( – Carjackings aren’t that unusual, particularly in large metropolitan areas. However, the weapon used in a recent incident has many scratching their heads.

In the early hours of Tuesday, September 28, a caucasian male seized an Atlanta woman’s 2014 Toyota Camry after threatening her with a bow and arrow. He reportedly approached her as she sat in the driver’s seat of her car and fired an arrow into her windshield before demanding she exit the vehicle.

Officers responded to a call about the incident at around 6:13 a.m., according to a brief press release issued by the Atlanta Police Department. Their investigation revealed an earlier incident had occurred a few blocks away. According to reports, a man matching the same description unsuccessfully attempted to hijack two other individuals’ cars.

While investigators were interviewing the third victim, police officers from nearby Marietta responded to the scene of an accident involving a lone vehicle. Upon their arrival, a man exited the crashed automobile and aimed a bow and arrow at officers.

At least one police officer fired shots at the suspect. Police officers took him into custody following a brief standoff. Recent reports say the suspect was shot and wounded during the encounter.

Police officials haven’t released any details regarding possible charges in the incident or when the man’s first court appearance might take place.

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