Man Arrested After Allegedly Faking Hit-and-Run

Man Arrested After Allegedly Faking Hit-and-Run

( – Falsifying accident reports for financial gain is nothing new. However, a Louisiana man recently learned what it felt like to get outwitted by a Tesla. Here’s what happened to him.

On Friday, September 3, 47-year-old Arthur Bates Jr. told Slidell police officers a Tesla driver backed into him in a busy gas station parking lot. According to him, the car knocked him to the ground and, subsequently, fled the scene. Continuing his story, he said he called for emergency services due to resulting injuries to his leg, back, and neck. Authorities dispatched a local ambulance and fire truck to the scene.

Police officers tracked down the Tesla driver and questioned him about the incident. He told a completely different story. According to him, Bates deliberately jumped behind his car and staged the incident. Making matters worse for Bates, Teslas are all equipped with multiple cameras, and the driver let officers review the footage taken from his Tesla’s rear cameras.

The Tesla’s video, shown above, appears to show Bates stepping behind the car and falling for no apparent reason. He then placed a call, presumably to a 911 operator. Viewers can judge whether or not he sustained any injuries.

Officers arrested Bates later that afternoon for making false statements with the “intent to cause an emergency response.”

The Tesla driver was lucky there were cameras installed on the vehicle to record the incident. It remains unclear whether Bates posted bail or not.

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