Man Arrested After Allegedly Targeting Jewish Families With Slurs

Man Arrested After Allegedly Targeting Jewish Families With Slurs

( – In Ohio, a man was arrested after allegedly making antisemitic slurs at the doorbells of two separate families. The incidents reportedly occurred after the families put an Israeli flag on their lawns in support of Israel in the war against the Palestinian militant group Hamas. The man was taken into custody on Monday, October 16.

One of the two families had a Ring doorbell camera which caught the moment that 39-year-old Jacob Reidy made the antisemitic remarks and used the slurs. The Ohio man is now being charged with criminal trespassing.

Fox News reported that Debbie Meyer, a resident at the home, revealed that she spoke to the man at the door through her ring doorbell camera. When she asked how she could help him, he started hurling derogatory remarks, so she quickly called the authorities. She added that she had been disturbed by the incident, which took place only one day after the warning of FBI Director Chris Wray about a possible increase in domestic threats.

Wray warned that following the terrorist attack on Oct. 7 against Israel and the ensuing conflict between Israel and Hamas, there was an increase in domestic threats in connection to the war. Since the start of the war, many Israelis and Palestinians have lost their lives, with at least 1,403 Israelis and 4,137 people in Gaza killed, as of October 20.

Meyer revealed that she opted to not open the door as she thought the man appeared suspicious, according to Fox News.

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