Man Baffles the Media with Crazy World Record

Man Baffles the Internet with Crazy World Record

( – World records often highlight a bizarre feat of strength or someone’s incredible mental stamina. One man recently showed off both his physical and mental balance in an incredible sky-surfing session, where he spun 160 times in the air on a board before touching down on the sands of Egypt.

On November 1, 2021, American Keith Edward “KĒBĒ” Snyder jumped out of a C-130 military plane above the pyramids of Giza with just a parachute and a board strapped to his feet. After exiting the aircraft, KĒBĒ managed to do 160 helicopter spins before letting out his parachute, effectively setting a new world record. He shared his experience on YouTube:

KĒBĒ loves the physical and mental challenge of the aerial sport, but he also emphasized the practice gives him “a level of energy and connectiveness that is second to none.” In a more humorous comparison, the world-record holder equated skysurfing to “standing on a ballpoint pen.”

It is incredible to see people complete these nearly inhuman physical and mental acts to win a world record. Yet, this sport is certainly not for everyone — especially not those faint of heart.

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