Man Convicted After Filling House With Traps

Man Convicted After Filling House With Traps

( – A man residing in Oregon was recently convicted on multiple criminal charges following an alarming incident involving an FBI bomb technician who suffered injuries caused by a trap deliberately set up in his former residence. Back in September 2018, a team of FBI agents and Oregon State Police officers arrived at the property that had previously belonged to a 71-year-old individual named Gregory Lee Rodvelt. Rodvelt had lost ownership of the house due to a legal dispute, but his dissatisfaction with the court’s ruling drove him to orchestrate a series of intricate and hazardous traps throughout the premises before vacating the property. His motivation reportedly stemmed from learning about the impending sale of the house.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that Rodvelt’s diabolical traps included strategically placed spike strips on the road leading to the house, steel animal traps scattered across the property, and a rigged gate that posed a grave danger to unsuspecting visitors. Moreover, to heighten the risk, Rodvelt had positioned the hot tub in a manner that would cause it to roll menacingly toward anyone who dared open the gate.

Further inspection of the premises unveiled a chilling scene in the garage. Skilled technicians carefully examined the area, only to find rat traps that had been maliciously altered to fire shotgun shells upon the opening of the garage door. The intention behind these modified traps was clear—to inflict harm or even cause fatal injuries to anyone who dared to enter the garage.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, the house was practically fortified, impeding easy access. The bomb technicians, highly trained and experienced in such matters, were faced with the challenge of overcoming the barriers meticulously set up by Rodvelt. Their expertise and knowledge of dismantling hazardous devices proved invaluable as they navigated through the front door.

In the entryway, they stumbled upon a wheelchair positioned dead center—an eerie symbol of the risks and potential consequences that lay ahead. Reports said that when the wheelchair was disturbed, it set off a gun shot that struck an FBI technician. His knee was injured and he had to be hospitalized.

The discovery of Rodvelt’s traps left law enforcement and the community in shock and disbelief. In the aftermath of this alarming incident, authorities were left grappling with questions about Rodvelt’s motivations and mental state. The calculated and elaborate nature of the traps raised concerns about his mental well-being and the potential risks he may have posed to others throughout his life. Investigations were launched to delve into his background, seeking answers to the myriad of questions surrounding this bizarre and dangerous act of retaliation.

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