Man Convicted for Luring Children Through Social Media

Man Convicted for Luring Children Through Social Media

Sick PREDATOR Used A Horrifying Trick To Lure Children

( – The US Department of Justice announced a jury convicted Davis Burgos-Collazo of nine charges for the attempted sexual exploitation of five children, distributing and accessing child pornography, and committing a sexual offense involving a minor as a registered sex offender on July 20. The one-week trial occurred in Brooklyn, New York, with US District Judge Pamela K Chen presiding. The sexual predator could receive a life sentence for his crimes.

Trial evidence showed the predator used 26 Instagram accounts to contact and lure victims. Burgos-Collazo worked under various names as he committed his crimes. According to reports, he sometimes pretended to be a modeling scout, targeting victims as young as eight years old.

Some victims gave statements about Burgos-Collazo’s actions to authorities, sharing terrible accounts of exposure to pornography and live sex acts and coercion to participate in creating pornographic material. Burgos-Collazo convinced a 10-year-old to perform sexual acts on camera and then threatened to release nude photos of her if she didn’t continue to participate.

According to a report from Law and Crime, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children provided tips to authorities, bringing Burgos-Collazo to law enforcement’s attention. FBI agents recovered over 100 pictures and videos of victims from his accounts on the platform.

US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Breon Peace, stated Burgos-Collazo was already a convicted sex offender when he committed his crimes. He had raped a 7-year-old and tried to molest children aged 9 and 11 in 2006. Peace called the man a “serial predator,” according to the DOJ press release.

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