Man Designed “Euthanasia Coaster” That Results in Death

Man Designed

( – Most of us are familiar with the Darwin Awards, a tongue-in-cheek honor bestowed on people for their contribution to human evolution by accidentally killing themselves in a unique or “spectacular manner!” In a parallel universe, Julijonas Urbonas invented a unique way for individuals to deliberately ‘off’ themselves.

Urbonas, a Lithuanian, developed a working plan for a “Euthanasia [Roller] Coaster” in 2010. He described the device as a “hypothetical death machine” designed to humanely take a person’s life “with elegance and euphoria.”

Here’s how his Euthanasia Coaster works.

The roller coaster takes passengers, up to 24 at a time, up a 510 meter (1673.23 feet) incline. Putting this in context, America’s tallest building, One World Trade Center, is 541 meters tall, and Chicago’s Trump International Hotel and Tower rises to 423 meters.

Once passengers reach the top of the incline, they have the option of leaving the roller coaster. Once the remaining passengers press a button, the ride begins. Falling at a rate of 223 miles per hour, the roller coaster travels through a series of seven loops that gradually decrease in size.

Those loops create a blood loss to the brain resulting in euphoria, lack of consciousness, and the passengers’ eventual death.

As one might expect, no one constructed the Euthanasia Coaster, but it remains the topic of discussion in many circles to this day. No pun intended!

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