Man Discovers Over 100 Bowling Balls Under His House

Man Discovers Over 100 Bowling Balls Under His House

( – Many of us have dreamt of finding buried pirate treasure or a pot of gold — at least as children. My father always told me to check the attic whenever I moved to a new home. (He found a beautiful antique grandfather clock in a rental house during his college years.) Now, a Michigan man has made quite the discovery during a remodeling project at his home.

Muskegon, Michigan resident David Olson posted about his find on his Facebook page on July 1. As he explained, he decided to install a new deck at his home and started the project by removing the back steps to his home. To his surprise, he noticed a few bowling balls buried in the sand beneath the foundation of his home.

His initial surprise quickly turned to shock. He first reported finding “at least 50 balls,” then 120 as of 2 p.m. “Are these hazardous?” he wrote. “Should I report this to the city?” So far, he reports finding a whopping 160 bowling balls and expects to unearth more.

What in the world could have possessed someone to hide all these bowling balls under their house?!

Local Fox-affiliated television station WXIN, Fox-59 News, figured it out. Former employees from a closed bowling ball factory nearby say workers used to take defective bowling balls home and use them to replace gravel in the sand beneath the foundations of their homes.

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