Man Exchanges Fire With Alleged Truck Thief, Police Say

Man Exchanges Fire With Alleged Car Thief, Police Say

( – In Texas, a suspected vehicle thief was shot to death in a mall parking lot by the owner of the truck he had allegedly stolen.

William McManus, San Antonio Police Chief told reporters that the incident took place on Thursday, July 27, at the South Park Mall. He revealed that about two minutes earlier, officers had been informed about the theft. He added that the vehicle’s owner was able to track it down and then proceeded to take matters into his own hands. However, McManus said it would have been better if the man had simply informed police rather than taking action on his own.

McManus continued, saying that the owner of the stolen vehicle first managed to track down his vehicle in the mall’s parking lot. The police chief revealed that after tracking down the vehicle, the man found another man and a woman who were in the vehicle. He then proceeded to remove the driver and passenger from the truck while holding them at gunpoint.

The person who had stolen the vehicle then proceeded to take a firearm from his waistband, after which he promptly shot the vehicle’s owner. This was when the owner also shot the suspect and left him dead in the parking lot.

The female passenger was also hit by the gunfire and she is in the hospital in critical condition. The driver is in stable condition and has also received medical treatment.

McManus encouraged the public to leave these types of matters to the police, but added that he believes it would “depend on who you asked” whether or not the vehicle owner made the right choice.

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