Man Facing Death Penalty Tries to Appeal – and Fails

Man Facing Death Penalty Tries to Appeal - and Fails

( – Few people will ever understand what it feels like to await the death penalty. However, 65-year-old Donald Smith is someone who does, and he’ll continue to wait for his impending execution. The US Supreme Court has denied his appeal to avoid a death sentence after a jury convicted him of kidnapping, raping, and murdering an 8-year-old girl.

In mid-January, the Supreme Court rejected the appeal case brought by death row inmate Donald James Smith. A jury condemned him to death in 2018 after he abducted, raped, and murdered the young girl at a Jacksonville, Florida Walmart in 2013. Smith’s attorney argued the prosecutor’s comments during closing arguments were inflammatory and amounted to prosecutorial misconduct. The prosecutor told the jury the murdered child was “from the grave…crying out to you [the jury].”

A local Jacksonville news station is keeping tabs on the story:

Everyone, including Smith’s attorney, has acknowledged Smith is fully guilty of committing the crime, so it’s not too surprising SCOTUS rejected the appeal, although they didn’t provide a reason. However, the little girl’s father, Billy Jarreau, said regardless of what happens, he doesn’t believe there can or will be true justice for this horrific crime.

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