Man Gets Arrested at Funeral Service

Man Gets Arrested at Funeral Service

( – The death of a child is an immensely painful feeling like no other. Memorial services are part of the mourning process, giving structure to an otherwise devastating and haphazard time. Unfortunately, a child’s funeral service came to an abrupt pause for one family when a man ran into the church with police running right behind him.

On Thursday, November 11, police began pursuing Jose Espinoza by car around 10:30 a.m. After 45 minutes of evading the cops, Espinoza pulled into a parking spot near a church in Chula Vista, California, just south of San Diego. The wanted man then walked into the church, went straight to the altar, and held his hands up. Police officers immediately entered, told everyone to get out of the building, and arrested the suspect.

It turns out Father Paul Selvaraj was presiding over the funeral of an 11-year old boy who passed away from an undisclosed illness when the man interrupted the service. He emphasized to local reporters he had never experienced anything like this before.

Fox 5 San Diego shared an interview with the South Bay pastor on YouTube:

The funeral attendees rushed out of the building, following the police officer’s instructions, and most were quite reluctant to return inside after the event, despite the service not being over yet. This situation must have been incredibly uncomfortable and disturbing for the family and friends of the beloved boy. Hopefully, they’ll find peace and closure with each other as best they can in the coming weeks.

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