Man Killed in Front of Daughter in Mexico

Man Killed in Front of Daughter in Mexico

( – Mexico fights a reputation for lawlessness because of the violent gangs entrenched in many of its cities. Murders of locals and tourists are relatively common, and now, another one has taken place in Cancun, the popular resort city. On Saturday, March 12, gunmen attacked a British businessman.

Chris Cleave, 54, was a real estate agent who relocated to Mexico from the UK about ten years ago. Men on motorcycles followed him before tragically shooting him in front of his 14-year-old daughter while they were driving. Authorities say it wasn’t a random shooting; the shooters targeted Cleave, though police are unsure of the motive.

Some signs seem to point to drug traffickers, who allegedly left a note threatening upscale restaurant owners earlier this month. However, the message also mentioned, “Cris, with the red Audi.” Cleave was driving a red Audi when his attackers shot him.

Despite the threat, police say Cleave seemed to have no involvement in the drug trade. Police tracked down and arrested the men on the motorcycles, identified only as Jose N., 30, and Lenin N., 18. Authorities confiscated a gun found on the men they believe may have been the weapon used in the crime.

Cleave’s friends paid tribute to him on his Facebook page when they learned of his death. During the incident, Cleave’s daughter sustained minor injuries, and authorities transported her for treatment at a local hospital.

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