Man Praised After Saving Mother and Children From Burning House

Man Praised After Saving Family From Burning House

Fire EMERGENCY – Man Does The Only Thing In His Power

( – House fires can quickly turn deadly, especially in the middle of the night while a family is sleeping. A quick-thinking neighbor in Roslindale, Massachusetts, saved the lives of multiple people, including children, when a blaze broke out recently.

Just after midnight on Saturday, September 3, a fire broke out in a residential building on Delford Street near Boston, Massachusetts. A neighbor heard the alarm and rushed to pull a mattress from his backyard to a window near the burning building. He first encouraged a mother to drop her two children, one of whom is just 5 years old. Then, the mother jumped as well. All three landed safely, escaping the deadly blaze just in time.

Many residents in the neighborhood called the neighbor, Clidfod Saintjen, a hero for his actions that night. In all, the fire displaced nine people, and the Red Cross of Massachusetts is assisting in finding new housing.

The heat from the fire melted the siding on a building next door and injured two firefighters who worked the scene. Officials estimate the damage at around $1 million, but the lives of those saved this past weekend are priceless by comparison. In a humble interview with the Boston Globe, Saintjen explained he didn’t “feel like a hero.”

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