Man Reportedly Taken Into Custody After Threatening Attack at Church

Man Reportedly Taken Into Custody After Threatening Attack at Church

( – Violent crime has been on the rise in the US, which many Conservatives argue is a consequence of nationwide calls to defund the police. Despite the pandemic, violent crime continues to occur, including mass murders. Law enforcement officers in Mississippi recently averted what could have been a tragic incident thanks to the help of an anonymous good samaritan.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Department recently announced details regarding the incident. On November 12, the FBI forwarded a tip it received to the sheriff’s office regarding a possible threat to a local church.

The threat appeared credible, so sheriff’s deputies launched an investigation. They quickly determined an individual posted about his plans for “a mass murder” at the church the following weekend. Acting on the information and the FBI tip, investigators managed to identify the suspect as 20-year-old Ryan C. Evans.

Sheriff’s deputies and investigators successfully executed an arrest warrant on 20-year-old Evans at his Saltillo area home on a lone charge of making a terrorist charge. The judge in the case set a bond of $100,000. Evans faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

The sheriff’s office thanked the FBI for its “swift actions” and reminded the public it always takes such threats seriously.

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