Man Slammed for Asking Girlfriend To Do What?

Photo by Conscious Design on Unsplash

( – A man came to face judgment after he posted on Reddit’s famous subreddit AITA (“Am I the A–hole”). His question was, as user GraveYardSchift put it in his post on Sunday, was it wrong that he had asked his girlfriend to take on a more traditional female role when they spent time with his family?

He started explaining in his post that he comes from a big family and every few months they host a family dinner at his great-grandfather’s estate. During these dinners, the women all go to cook while the men do not. While he acknowledges that this is sexist, he said that as one of the youngest in the family, his opinions on this are not at all acknowledged.

He added that usually, there are women who choose to not participate in the cooking, but then they are completely “ostracized.” His girlfriend was invited to the upcoming dinner, so he sat her down and explained this dynamic of the women cooking and the men socializing. This did not sit well at all with his girlfriend, however, who said it was “unacceptable” and stated that under those terms she would not attend.

The couple proceeded to disagree about this, with the original poster (OP) stating that she should compromise so that his family would have a good first impression of her. The user was quickly deemed to be the “A–hole” by the majority of community, many of whom posted their viewpoints.

Some people commenting pointed out that this was not even about the women but rather about the men not wanting to lose their rank within their families. Others said that this most likely had to do with an inheritance, with one person asking why the poster would want to try to fix the problem when he gets something out of it. In addition, one person suggested that rather than have anyone cook, those hosting these gatherings should hire a chef or caterer.

Fox News asked the opinion of a Pittsburgh psychologist, who said she would be skeptical of any relationship where one person was expected to act a certain way or “go along to get along.”

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