Man Spots Tragedy in the Nick of Time – Saves FOUR People!

Man Helps Save Four Lives After Spotting House Fire

Man Helps Save Four People After Spotting House Fire

( – Sometimes, wrong turns lead to unwanted hour-long detours; other times, they save lives. In the case of one aspiring rapper, his incorrect directions led him to see flames bursting out of a house, which pushed him to spring into action and save four people from the fire.

On Sunday, October 23, Brendon Birt accidentally turned down a street in Iowa when he noticed a house ablaze. He immediately ran to the residence, smacking the windows, and yelling there was a fire. The smoke alarm didn’t go off, even as it poured from the house. The commotion woke up the four siblings sleeping inside, including three children, ages 8, 14, and 17, and one adult, age 22.

The home belonged to Tender Lehman, who was out of town during the fire. However, upon hearing of the incident and the hero who saved her kids’ lives, she indicated she was grateful for Birt’s quick thinking. According to KETV, she emphasized that she is “so incredibly grateful” he saved her kids’ lives that night.

While the house is completely gone and five of the family’s seven dogs passed away in the flames, this family of five gets to live because of the heroic acts of one man — and his wrong turn.

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