Man Survives Gator Attack — And Three Days in the Woods

Man Survives Gator Attack -- And Three Days in the Woods

Man Survives INSANE Gator Attack – But That’s Not the Craziest Part

( – Days spent swimming at the lake are usually relaxing. But, for one Florida man, his time in the water concluded in the middle of a swamp with his right arm mangled by an alligator, and he’s incredibly lucky to be alive.

On Sunday, July 17, Eric Merda was reportedly wandering through the forest near Lake Manatee Fish Camp in Myakka City, Florida, when he chose to swim across the body of water instead of walking around it. During his attempt, an alligator attacked the 43-year-old and pulled him under three times before rolling while attempting to dismember him.

Merda was able to swim to the shore, but the gator had taken off his right arm. Incredibly, he wandered through the swamp for three days before he finally managed to fin someone who could help him.

After his rescue, doctors at the hospital amputated what was left of his right arm. In an interview with 10 Tampa Bay in September, he acknowledged his actions were “not the smartest decision a Florida boy could make,” but he remained in good spirits after such a horrifying ordeal. He also used the outlet to warn others to be careful not to provoke alligators.

Merda’s family started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for him during his recovery.

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