Man Who Helped Free France From Nazis Dies at 101

Man Who Helped Free France From Nazis Dies at 101

( – World War II officially ended in September 1945 with Japan’s formal surrender to US Gen. Douglas MacArthur at Tokyo Bay aboard the USS Missouri, an American battleship. Sadly, more than 75 years later, the world is saying its final goodbyes to many of the brave men who fought in that war.

On Tuesday, October 12, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the passing of Hubert Germain, the last surviving member of France’s elite Order of Liberation.

Macron praised Germain’s bravery during WWII, noting his role in the Allied invasion of Southern France’s Mediterranean coast at Provence. The French president also posted a short clip of him meeting with Germain in June 2020.

General Charles de Gaulle created the Order of Liberation in November 1940. With Germain’s help, the elite fighting force became France’s most distinguished group of resistance fighters during WWII.

Macron’s office later released a brief statement noting that Germain “embodied a century of freedom.” Germain wrote of the eventual passage of his comrades in arms a few years ago in his memoir, To Hope for France (Espérer pour la France). He stated when the last of France’s resistance fighters die, “a flame will go out. But the embers will always remain.”

Germain will be laid to rest alongside other heroes of the resistance a short distance outside Paris at Mont Valérien Cemetery. Additionally, on November 11, Armistice Day, Macron will lead an official ceremony celebrating Germain’s life.

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