Man’s Bizarre Pizza Order Catches Attention Online

Photo by Vit Ch on Unsplash

( – A peculiar variation of Hawaiian pizza has caused a stir on social media, sparking a heated discussion about cheese and toppings. The combination of ham and pineapple on pizza has long been a subject of controversy.

Newsweek recently reported that according to a YouGov survey in 2019, pineapple ranks as one of the least favorite pizza toppings for 24 percent of respondents, perpetuating the ongoing debate surrounding Hawaiian pizza. This contentious topic has once again become a focal point for conversations and arguments online. In 2022, a recipe for “Hawaiian Spaghetti” spread like wildfire on Twitter, eliciting an angry reaction from a renowned Italian chef.

According to the outlet, another Hawaiian pizza has been making the rounds online lately. A Reddit user named u/Spacemancleo posted an image showcasing a Hawaiian pizza with a unique twist. The poster, who goes by the name Dillan, revealed that his father had ordered a Hawaiian pizza but with a peculiar request: he wanted the pineapple served on the side.

The image accompanying the post depicted a pizza with ham as the primary topping, while the pineapple pieces were neatly placed along the edges. This amusing post quickly gained popularity on Reddit, garnering over 17,000 upvotes and generating a flurry of reactions.

One Reddit user humorously remarked that the pizza was the kind of thing “Dad” would provide if you requested pineapple on the side. Another user pointed out that the father had indeed received what he ordered, while another questioned why someone would opt for a Hawaiian pizza without the pineapple and suggested ordering a ham pizza instead.

Dillan, in an interview with Newsweek, explained that the pizzeria in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where this incident occurred, offers slices of pizza as opposed to whole pizzas. Customers can customize their slices by selecting the desired toppings, which are then heated and added to a cheese pizza base. In most cases, this arrangement works well. However, Dillan’s father has always had a unique approach to Hawaiian pizza.

Dillan revealed that his father prefers his pineapple to be uncooked, leading him to request the pineapple on the side. Usually, the pizzeria provides a small plastic cup containing the pineapple, allowing his father to add it to the pizza on his own terms. However, on this occasion, things took an unexpected turn.

When Dillan’s father opened the pizza box, he discovered that the pizzeria had heated up the pineapple and artfully placed it along the sides of his slice. Dillan found the misunderstanding highly amusing and shared it online, leading to the viral post.

Dillan himself dislikes Hawaiian pizza. He finds the combination of sweet and tart flavors unsuitable for a pizza, as he considers it a savory dish. While he found the appearance of the Hawaiian pizza slice unappetizing, he personally did not mind as long as he didn’t have to eat it.

Dillan confirmed that his father, after recovering from his initial surprise, consumed the pizza slice without any issues. He attributed the popularity of his Reddit post to people finding humor in the mistake and the easy understanding of how the order was taken literally by the pizza makers. Furthermore, he believed that the strong emotions and opinions associated with Hawaiian pizza contributed to its widespread appeal.

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